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Trademark registration process

There are two ways to apply for a registered trademark:

1. The applicant entrusts a trademark agency authorized by the state to handle it.

2. The applicant directly goes to the trademark office of the trademark registration hall.

1.Registration preparation

1. The inquiry of trademark prior registration right: inquiry refers to the inquiry of whether the trademark applied for by the applicant or his agent is the same or similar as that of the trademark with prior rights before filing the application for registration.

2. Preparation for application for trademark information:

(1) when a natural person applies for an application, he must produce his ID card and submit a copy of his identity. To apply for registration with an enterprise as an applicant, a copy of the business license of the enterprise and a copy of the business license signed by the issuing authority are required. A complete application for trademark registration is made with official seal and personal signature.

(2) Five trademark drawings (one colored trademark with specified color and five black-and-white ink drafts) shall be submitted.

(3) Preparation of the corresponding registration fees: registration of trademark fees: 300 yuan official fees + about 500 yuan trademark agency fees.

2.Application for registration

1, only individuals or groups with the following conditions can apply for trademark applications in our country:

The applicant for trademark registration must be an enterprise, institution, social organization, individual industrial and commercial enterprise established in accordance with the law, an alien or a foreign enterprise in a country that has entered into an agreement with China or has joined in an international treaty with China or handled in accordance with the principle of reciprocity. The Trademark Office shall apply for the registration of a trademark in accordance with the principle of the Trademark Office (on November 1, 2001, the Trademark Office of China began to accept the application of a natural person for the registration of a trademark).

2, apply according to the classification of goods and services:

China's trademark law enforces the international classification of commodities, including 34 commodities and 11 service items. When applying for trademark registration, the categories of goods or services using trademarks shall be determined according to the classification of the classification table of goods and services.

The determination of the date of application for trademark: Since the principle of prior application is adopted in trademark registration in China, the date of application for trademark registration shall be the date when the application for trademark registration is received by the Trademark Office (the minimum date is'day').

3.Trademark Review

Trademark examination is a series of activities that the competent authority for trademark registration inspects whether the application for trademark registration conforms to the provisions of the Trademark Law, such as data retrieval, analysis and comparison, investigation and study, and decides to give preliminary examination or reject the application.

4.First instance announcement

The examination and approval of a trademark refers to the decision to permit the registration of a trademark which conforms to the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law after its application for registration has been examined. It will be announced in the trademark notice. If no objection is raised within three months from the date of publication of the announcement of preliminary approval, the trademark shall be registered and a notice of registration shall be published simultaneously.

5.Registration notice

Where an application is filed by the applicant for trademark registration and the application is preliminarily examined and approved by the Trademark Office, and no objection or objection is raised within three months, the trademark shall become effective and protected by law, and the trademark registrant shall enjoy the exclusive right of the trademark.

6.Get a trademark registration certificate