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Copyright registration

****Computer software copyright registration

Materials and requirements for submission of computer software copyright registration:

(1) Complete the application form of software copyright registration as required.

(2) The identity certificate of the applicant (a copy of the business license of the enterprise with a seal, and a copy of the identity card provided by the individual);

(3) Software source program;

(4) Software documentation (e.g. user manual, operation manual, design manual, instructions for use, etc.).


(1) Fill in the application form.

On the central website, users register first, then login, fill in the application form online according to the requirements, confirm, submit and print.

(2) Submission of application documents

The applicant or agent submits registration application documents as required.

(3) Application fee

When the application document meets the requirements of acceptance, the software registration authority issues a payment notice, and the applicant or agent pays the fee according to the requirements of the notice.

(4) Registration institutions accept applications.

Where the application document meets the requirements for acceptance and the application fee is paid, the registration authority shall accept the application within the prescribed time limit and issue a notice of acceptance and payment note to the applicant or agent.

(5) Correction procedure

Where there are defects in the application documents, the applicant or agent shall make up the defects within the prescribed time limit. If the application is not made up within the prescribed time limit, the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn; if the application is not in conformity with the registration method after the correction, the registration authority shall not register and notify the applicant or agent in writing.

(6) Obtain registration certificate

If you go to the registration and acceptance hall to get the certificate, you should take the original notice of acceptance to get the certificate 30 working days after the date of acceptance. If you want to mail, please fill in the correct contact address in the application form.

Approval process:

According to the Regulations on the Registration of Computer Software Copyright, the process of application for examination and approval is divided into three stages: acceptance, examination and registration.

****Copyright filing application

The materials and requirements for filing the copyright contract shall be:

(1) Complete the application form of copyright contract as required.

(2) Identity card of the applicant;

(3) A contract or agreement for the transfer or licensing of applications for archival filing;

(4) The sample of works involved in the contract;

(5) When entrusting another person to apply for an application, the agent shall submit the authorization letter of the applicant.

(6) The identity of the agent;

(7) Proof of ownership of copyright.

Handling steps:

The applicant submits the registration application material - the registration organ verifies the receiving material - the notification payment - the applicant pays the registration fee - the registration organ accepts the application - the examination - the preparation and issuance of the registration certificate - the announcement

Processing time:

The registration organ shall complete the registration within 30 working days after receiving the registration application. If the materials need to be corrected, the applicant shall complete the rectification within two months after receiving the notice of rectification, and the registration institution shall complete the rectification within 30 working days after receiving the required materials..