High Quality
RSMK concentrates a large number of excellent talents having advantages in language and technology and ensuring the technical content of each of cases can be understood deeply, accurately and relevant law items can be applied appropriately. Combining strict quality control system, cases will proceed in a high-quality, precise and thoughtful way, with less or even no error.
Quick Response
Combining strict quality control system and mature process management, RSMK will make a quick response to every office action and every consult from the Client.
Full Range
Technicians and legal staff in RSMK are capable of providing services in full range, including patent search and analysis, patent application, patent litigation and patent right protection.
About RSMK
Founded in 2009, Beijing Risingmark Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to providing intellectual property services for innovative subjects. Subordinate companies include Beijing Risingmark Intellectual Property Agency (RSMK), Ningxia Ruisheng Mingjie Intellectual Property Consulting Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Geographical Indications Industry Development Co., Ltd; The main service businesses include patent agency, trademark agency, copyright agency, patent search analysis, FTO, geographical indication and intellectual property comprehensive services.
IP News in China
The State Intellectual Property Office will suspend and adjust some patent fees from August 1, 2018, with the details as follows.....
The China National Intellectual Property Administration and the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia jointly decide to extend the China-Malay....